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Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: House

House by Frank E. Peretti

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is probably the darkest book of Dekker, this I think is because of his co-author Frank Peretti (I can't really tell because I have not read any book from Peretti).

Jack and Stephanie are a couple that may very well be already divorced, since they can´t stand each other and are in constant fight. They are on their way to meet a marriage counselor but get lost, a suspicious cop advices them to take a little road that finally took them to the House.

Inside the apparently deserted house there is another couple, Leslie and Randy, they seem not to have troubles like Jack and Stephanie, and the 4 of them are soon meet the 3 weird hosts of the house(Stewart, Betty and their son Pete).

They are about to have dinner when all that seemed weird and unpleasant becomes even weirder and dangerous just at the moment a can with 3 House rules appears.

The rules where made by a misterious guy named White who wears a tinmask. The 3 rules could be very well summarized in one rule "give me a dead body by dawn and I may let you live"

Up to this point I thought the book was amazing, I would ask a little more character development of the two couples, but otherwise it was a really nice beginning.

What I didn't like

- I know it was suposed to be confusing all the rooms in the basement, 
but I thought there would be somekind of reason to all that, take 
the mirrors for example, in the end they were irrelevant.

- The ending seemed a little weak, Susan being an angel was not really
 a surprise, and it should have not been for white (he himself being a demon),
 so why did he killed her?, I would let that pass and called it a nice ending 
if it wasn't for the ridicolous way Stephanie shooed the "deamons" away.

I think that after all that dark beginning of the book I was a little bit dissapointed by the "good always beats the evil" kind of ending.

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